Pardonne-Moi is produced in collaboration with reformed-cutters from the Kolda region in South Senegal and from Cross River State in Nigeria. Women who have abandoned the knife to adopt the needle are changing their destiny as they weave the words of liberation voiced by the heroines in One Thousand Voices. The women produced 500 pieces of embroidered words on cotton fabric over the course of 3 months. They embraced a new skill, gained a new source of income, and with this new skill a new opportunity arose. There is the notion of healing on the one hand and the notion of pardon or atonement on the other. Women are making amends. 

The neon piece entitled What happened, happened, happened, happened brings to light the voice of a survivor. The enlightened words offer a way out from the shadow and darkness, a departure from the patriarchal regime perpetuated by matriarchal societies. 

The use of a new medium, material and embroidery, needle instead of knife, is explored, as well as the relationship between the spoken, the written word, and the enlightened word. The yellow thread symbolyses transformation and yellow neon light signifies enlightenment. In this exceptional act of solidarity all women are united.