One Thousand Voices is produced by multi-cultural Gabonese artist Owanto in collaboration with Katya Berger, journalist and documentary producer, and with contributions from the following NGOs, Schools, and Safe Houses:

Sahiyo (India) | WeSpeakOut (India) | CESVED (Nigeria) | Africa Schools Kenya (Kenya) | We Yone Child Foundation (Sierra Leone) | AWARE (Singapore) | Stop FGM Iran (Iran) | The Crocodile Project (Germany) | Kalyanamitra (Indonesia) | Senegalese Committee on Traditional Practices (Senegal) | Hope for Women and Girls (Tanzania) | Masanga Centre (Tanzania) | Yes We Can Foundation (Gambia) | Think Young Women (Gambia) | Women Solidarity (Liberia) | Equipop (France) | Women Safe (France) | Maison des Femmes (France) | Gams France (France) | France Terre d’Asile (France) | Nafis Network (Somaliland) | Galyako Education Center for Peace & Development (Somaliland) | Voix de Femmes (Burkina Faso) | Girl Generation (Burkina Faso) | Portuguese Family Planning Association (Portugal) | Medicos del Mundo (Spain) | Ghana Association of Women Welfare (Ghana) | Amref Health Africa: Koota Injena Pilot Activity, USAID (Kenya) | Les Orchidées Rouges (France) | Global Woman Peace Foundation (USA) | The Surgery Center (USA) | and independent partners.|