With kind contributions from our ambassadors


One Thousand Voices is produced by multi-cultural Gabonese artist Owanto in collaboration with Katya Berger, journalist and documentary producer, and with contributions from the following NGOs, Schools, and Safe Houses:

Sahiyo (India), WeSpeakOut (India), CESVED (Nigeria), Africa Schools Kenya (Kenya), We Yone Child Foundation (Sierra Leone), AWARE (Singapore), Stop FGM Iran (Iran), The Crocodile Project (Germany), Kalyanamitra (Indonesia), Senegalese Committee on Traditional Practices (Senegal), Hope for Women and Girls (Tanzania), Masanga Centre (Tanzania), Yes We Can Foundation (Gambia), Think Young Women (Gambia), Women Solidarity (Liberia), Equipop (France), Women Safe (France), Maison des Femmes (France), Gams France (France), France Terre d’Asile (France), Nafis Network (Somaliland), Galyako Education Center for Peace & Development (Somaliland), Voix de Femmes (Burkina Faso), Girl Generation (Burkina Faso), Portuguese Family Planning Association (Portugal), Medicos del Mundo (Spain), Ghana Association of Women Welfare (Ghana), and independent partners.


With thanks to organizations and individuals who have supported us along the way


 Inter African Committee Against Female Genital Mutilation

Hilary Burrage, Giselle Portenier, Teri Gabrielsen, Dr. Marci Bowers, Dr Ghada Hatem, Sokhna Fall

Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA)